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Bathrooms - Futar Enterprises
Innovative, imaginative and passionate about quality, VitrA draws upon its proud Turkish heritage to create contemporary bathrooms with a universal appeal and a timeless promise of relaxed luxury. With a large in-house design studio and collaborations with world-class array of acclaimed industrial designers, such as Ross Lovegrove, Christophe Pillet, Metteo Phun + Partners, NOA and many others, these talented individuals not only improve bathroom aesthetics, but its functionality as well. The brand has also garnered many of the world’s most prestigious design awards for their individual products over the years. Being the only brand in the global market producing every component of the bathroom, VitrA offers professionals an unsurpassed product range that encourages and empowers creativity. Contemporary product lines in a wide choice of attractive styles, meticulous workmanship and insightful responsiveness to evolving demand contribute to VitrA’s popularity with consumers and professionals alike. But the latter also appreciates the brand’s extraordinary production capabilities not to mention its far-reaching distribution and technical support network. The brand is a highly sought after solution partner for architects, engineers, contractors, designers and developers all across the world for their competence and cost-efficiency. 5 million pieces of ceramic sanitary ware, 3 million faucets, 2.5 million bathroom accessories and 20.1 million square meters of tiles are produced yearly at their biggest production site located at Bilecik, Turkey. This makes VitrA the sixth largest manufacturer in its sector worldwide. Its output of 5 million pieces of ceramic sanitary ware a year is greater than that of the entire ceramic sanitary ware production of Germany. Established in 1977 but completely overhauled in 1995, this mega-complex is one of the world’s top sanitary ware production facilities in capacity, technology and quality. A high-achieving competitor in foreign markets since 1983, 50% of the brand’s production is sold abroad through a powerful distribution network. VitrA supplies millions of pieces of ceramic sanitary ware each year to over 75 countries on five continents, accompanied by a matching series of bathroom furniture, bathtubs, faucets and accessories.